Connecting With The Sacred

“The shamanic view is a deeply spiritual view in which the questions of health, illness and healing are always seen as involving spiritual dynamics. The natural world is seen as having great awareness and wisdom and offers profound help in seeing what’s needed and also supplies it.” – Eliot Cowan


“We’re all one.” “We’re all connected.” These statements are backed by science and spirituality. Yet… how often do we experience this oneness or connection, which is our birthright? From the experience of connection we access healing and guidance!

Spirit flows in, around and throughout all things - you and me, stones on the beach, giant cedars… and an ordinary pencil. Experiencing this sacred presence is always accessible. In that awareness, a reciprocal relatedness is apparent, healing occurs, and guidance for our lives is available. 

Connecting With the Sacred is an experiential program offering distinctions and practices that support us in following our heart - our access to the phenomenon of connection and relationship with the world around us, with our intuition, and our guidance. 

Through story, discussion and a particular type of meditation, participants will:

·      Discover what is in the way of experiencing connectedness with aspects of the world

·      Learn how to remove the barriers to experiencing sacred connection

·      Receive help to distinguish between mind-awareness and connection-awareness

·      Acquire a simple practice that helps transform limiting beliefs

·      Obtain handouts that will guide you with connection practices at home

Sherry Morgan’s work opens a doorway to the sacredness of the living world.”

— Eliot Cowan; Tsaurirrikame (elder shaman and healer), author, and teacher of Plant Spirit Medicine, 2014