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Grandmother Ocean's Invitation

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April Hambly, Messenger, and Sherry Morgan, Message Facilitator, were asked by Grandmother Ocean to bring many people to Her so that She could show Her great love for us and also provide us with guidance for Our lives. 

April will convey a channelled message from Grandmother Ocean applicable to all, and  Sherry will facilitate everyone present receiving a personal, private message.

These visits are temporarily on hold due to travel. Please visit our connect page to sign up for updates and invitations!

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to Mar 16

Shaman Healing

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Peter Brown is a medicine man formally initiated in two ancestral traditions – the Huichol and the Nahuatl - both of Central Mexico. Peter has pilgrimaged to and built relationship with the deities of several sacred sites, each of whom grants him medicine when he calls upon them to bring healing. His healing sessions help restore us to balance, to greater alignment with our purpose, and more harmony with our world. Whether you seek assistance with spiritual well-being, with emotional or physical issues, deep shaman healing can help. 

     “After my treatment with Peter in 2015, guidance flowed through me for months. My life’s work continues to unfold in a magnificent way.” S.M.

Peter travels to Victoria from Olympia, WA to offer these sessions for our benefit. A one-hour session cost is $130 Cdn.

To enquire about or to book a session, please contact:  Sherry Morgan, 250.483.5273 – or write to morgan.sherry@icloud.com.

For more information, visit: www.peterbrownhealing.com

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Connecting With The Sacred
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Connecting With The Sacred

Connecting With The Sacred

Deepen Your Experience of Sacred Connection

It’s Your Birthright!

  • Realize the profound friendliness of the world and the love that is there for you
  • Cultivate relationships with the beings that support and provide for you
  • Receive guidance for your life

Friday,    Sept. 28, 2018        7:00 pm – 10:00 pm *

Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018        9:00 am – 5:00 pm      

  • You may attend the Friday evening session only at a cost of $25. If you decide to participate in the full program, your $25 will be credited toward the cost of the workshop. 

Location:          Deer Thicket Farm, Greensboro, NC

Cost:             $125 - incl. beverages & snacks. Please bring a lunch on Saturday.

Registration:    Christine Staub, doctorstaub@gmail.com or (336) 643-3124

Questions:         Sherry Morgan, morgan.sherry@icloud.com or (310) 424.9389

This workshop was life-changing! ~ Alison M., England, 2017

 By following her guidance Sherry Morgan also follows her joy in facilitating this program. She has taught programs helping people deepen experience with the sacred for 18 years and in 5 countries. Sherry is a Quiatizques (woman bringer of rain) initiated in the Nahuatl tradition of Mexico. Her teachers include various Huichol, Nahuatl and Ojibwa elders. Sherry greets the weather in beautiful Victoria, BC.  Visit her website at: Love is Round.

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