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Healing Sessions with

Peter Brown

Huichol initiated medicine man

While modern medicine excels at addressing the bio-mechanical aspects of healing, it rarely touches upon those deeper realms of emotion and spirit that are the foundation of our well-being.” Lawrence I. Messerman, PhD

Peter is a medicine man who travels to Victoria, BC from Olympia, WA to offer healing sessions. He draws upon initiation in both the Huichol and Nahuatl ancestral traditions. Through his many years of apprenticeship and pilgrimage, Peter has relationship with certain Divine Beings whom he calls upon to bring healing.

Some of life’s challenges yield to our effort, but some require something beyond what self-effort alone can muster. Examples are:

  •     To receive healing from emotional or physical issues
  •   To discover our purpose
  •      To improve our relationships
  •    To find a life/soul partner
  •       To bring forth our work as a soul expression
  •       To receive abundance
  •       To connect with community and/or with the natural world
  •       To grow in spirit and in wisdom
  •       To find peace and joy

In our western culture, we often find it difficult to find how to approach addressing these concerns and challenges that face us.

A session with Peter Brown can help to open doors and allow for connection that brings forth healing, joy, vision for one’s life and new possibilities.

next Victoria healing sessions: 

saturday, september 1st  & Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

A one-hour session cost is CDN $100. To enquire about or to book a session, please contact: Sherry Morgan, 250.483.5273  or  contact me here.

The scientist in me hates to jump to conclusions but I have to tell you that working with you has made a difference.… I feel calm and protected. It’s actually amazing.”
— S.G.

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