The words Love is Round arrived in Sherry's prayer time in 2015. A flood of inspiration followed, including an understanding of what those words point to and why they are important at this time; essentially to help us heal from the dysfunction associated with the modern dualistic worldview and learn to connect and relate harmoniously with ourselves, each other and the other-than-human-others. Sherry began to receive a story that will become part of a book and the subject of talks. Love is Round will one day become a non-profit organization to ensure the various offerings continue. 

Sherry has offered programs helping people experience or deepen their experience of connection with aspects of the sacred living world since 2000. She has taught in 5 countries; Canada, USA, Mexico, England & Wales. Initially, Sherry received transmissions about this work (1998) from Huichol Tsaurririkame (elder shaman) Don David Wiley. More and more, guidance comes directly.

Sherry was initiated as a quiatlzques (a person who works to establish relationship with Weather to benefit her village) in 1998 in the Náhuatl indigenous tradition of Mexico and she continues to maintain the tradition-relevant protocols. Sherry is Matron for ceremonial work twice each year at a sacred mountain connected with weather in Ontario, Canada.

Her teachers include various elders in the Huichol, Nahuatl and Ojibwa traditions, other humans, and various aspects of nature, principally the elemental Fire. These teachers, her daily prayers, and participation in the two ancestral traditions have taught her a great deal about the value of connecting with divine, of effective prayer (asking for and receiving guidance), and the value to ourselves and our world of ancient sacred traditions.

Sherry is an active volunteer with the Sacred Fire Foundation, which she helped start in 2005 as the founding President, is a founding member of the international Sacred Fire Community and was a founding donor of Blue Deer Center. She greets the weather in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada.