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Universally, prayer is a basis for interacting with the spiritual world – the source of healing, wisdom and guidance. Through effective prayer, we connect with our hearts and learn to move with grace on our spiritual journeys, learning and contributing in ways that are preordained for us. Whether during life transitions or between them, effective prayer helps build and maintain spiritual relationships.

Experience what happens when you take down the walls separating human beings from the sacred presence of the living world. 

We speak about being ‘connected,’ but how often do we experience that?

The core basis of prayer is the experience of connection with divine sources. In the experience of connection, there remains no doubt that we are deeply related with the world around us and loved. This is the place of healing and where our guidance is readily accessed. In this program, we’ll work to reclaim or deepen that experience of connection, which is our birthright.

- Realize the profound friendliness of the world and the love that is there for you

- Receive personal spiritual guidance for your life

- Cultivate relationships with the beings that support and provide for you

…after your exercises, it was less like I was sending words, and more like I was sending my heart and feelings. And not just that, but I felt them actually being received, responded to, and something divine came pouring back down on me with such love as I can never describe.”
— Lori, Chapel Hill, NC

 This experiential program is for anyone, regardless of religion or spiritual tradition.


"We have not lost our connection to spirit... we've lost the experience of our connection" - Lynn W. Illinois


  • Live in greater harmony with the world around you

  • Come to have more joy & peace

  • Learn to more fully love yourself and others

  • Gain help with emotional, spiritual and/or physical healing

  • Open yourself to your future; ask for and receive guidance toward attainment of that future

Ancient traditions taught how to connect with the spirits of nature around us and to nurture those relationships through prayer. Using deep inquiry, storytelling, a particular meditation style, and shaman drum journeys, you will learn how to establish and/or deepen your connection to divine presence in much the same way as our long ago ancestors did. From the point of connection your prayers are heard, and guidance and healing are available.

Exploring the Phenomenon of Prayer is a 2½-day experiential 'Lifeways' program of Sacred Fire Community.

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