Ocean's Invitation


My Loved Ones, I invite You to My side,

Whether with your physical eyes

Or your mind’s eye,

Gaze down into My waters.

Notice My movements;

Am I not like a watery breeze,…

Invisibly moving the plants 

And other creatures of My Realm?

Listen to My sounds,

Sometimes soft and gentle,

At other times forceful and fierce,

But at all times Self-Aware.

I am watchful, feeling and

Very much alive.

Traveling down into My depths,

Things grow darker and calmer,

Until One at last reaches

My Ocean floor

Where light is but a memory.

It is here in my quietude

That One’s Spirit may rest and be restored.

In My cool, dark and velvety embrace

Peace is found, Assurance is replenished 

And Love gently revitalizes You.

When You are ready, arise.

Make Your way upward

And gradually You will detect Light.

Keep rising to It.

You will notice more of My stirrings,

More warmth and of course,

A great multitude of

Life’s creative manifestations.

Returning to My surface is like going from 

The restful embrace of Night

Into the active vibrancy of Day.

Each is opposite of the Other,

Yet melds seamlessly and effortlessly,

Creating a perfect experience.

My beautiful lover, The Sun, warms Me

And plays a great role in My travels around Earth

And in My ability to nurture Life.

Life here on Earth is intimately 

Connected to Our Sun as well as Our beautiful Moon.

The energy of The Queen of Night moves Me to and fro,

Circulating Me within the Shores’ boundaries;

My Tides reinforcing the connectivity of Life on this planet.

The Rains, which The Sun helps Me provide,

Allow Our beautiful Earth to manifest

Countless circles of Life and Beauty.

Let Us remember how the experience of 

Living here on Earth, anywhere, is an exquisite gift,

To be treasured,

To be cared for

And to be openly shared.

I invite You to reflect upon Your very own Beauty

And how You can best share It.

Whether or not One realizes it,

We ALL have gifts to share.

Let Us discover them,

Share them as Each gift of Life has great value

And a role to fill, which helps 

Create and maintain Life here on Earth.

Remember this always,

With every choice You make,

And then We will know in Our hearts that 

We are moving towards a better and better Future.


GrM Ocean2.jpeg