Personal to Each of Us

Can You hear me?

I am right here, beside You,

Both physically and Spiritually.

I love You.

I hope You know that.

There is something about You

Which I find irresistible…

Could it be Your smile,

Or might it be Your laughter?

Well, it is both…

And so much more.


Your most attractive qualities

Are those which reside

In your heart;

Your joy,

Your peace,

Your Love,

All Your foundations.

And those other building blocks

Which have been further added

To the point that 

Your individuality shines through.

You are unique

And You add to 

The perfection of Life,



But I hear some questions which You entertain,

Discern some doubts which You allow.

You know the ones;

Those untrue thoughts which question Your value.

Well, I… never question Your value.

I can see right into Your very essence

And everything I see is valuable beyond measure.

I see only the Truth;

All which is true and real.

“How can it be?” You may ask.

“How can You see such value in Me,

When I have done  many things in My life

That I would rather not reflect upon;

All those situations where I chose poorly?”


Well, I know that every situation

Is an opportunity for growth, for learning.

I know that the reason

Learning can sometimes

Be difficult is because Your trust in Your innate perfection

And that of the world’s

Is not yet complete.

And until you trust and have faith

In Your own perfection,

You will experience Yourself as less than perfect.

One’s soul is alwayscreated perfectly;

It can be no other way.

And that is what I see when I look at You;

A perfect Human soul.


I do not concern myself worrying about You.

Although I witness Your errors,

I know that Youwill learn, by and by.

I know that the Human Collectivewill learn.

More and more of You 

Will begin to see Your perfect Souls

Instead of looking only at Your errors

And passing judgement

Upon Your Selves based on that.

I have great faith in the future, in Our future.

Through the ages, I have witnessed countless changes

And I know that the very nature of energy

Is one of increase;

Increasing Strength, Power and Love.

The seeming state of Your individual Self and this world willimprove,

Despite Humans noticing mostly darkness upon the world

And themselves,

It is notthis energy which will prevail.

Love and Light are the true supreme energies

And will alwaysovercome any perceived darkness or fear.

My faith in positive change is unwavering.

As You may recall, it is always darkest before the dawn.

Humanity is experiencing the dark before the Light.

It is because of the darkness

That One can truly know what Light is

And how vast the differences.


When I look at You

I perceive only Light

For You were perfectly created in Light and by Light, 

As was I.

It is a less mature perception that allows You

To see and experience darkness.

Lessons leaned in Life allow One to gradually

Mature and open to Their Truth

Which is Light.

As More do this,

The brighter the world will become.

This maturing of Humanity,

This awakening of Humanity 

Is assured by the very nature of what You are:

Love and Light, Itself,

An ever-prevailing Truth

Just waiting for each of You

To discover.