Ocean's Wisdom

My Dear Ones, 

Today I ask You to reflect upon how You view Me.

Am I only the waters to You?

When You experience Me in Your Heart,

 Does it include All who live within Me?

What Do I look like, when You consider My Whole?

I invite You to pause and reflect upon the answers that come to You…


Your answers are personal and often evolving.


Now, I ask You to reflect upon

How You approach Me,

How You view Our future,

How You respond to circumstances, which appear

To affect Me…


Your answers may vary.


 Now, this I ask of You: 

When You think about Me,

Remember that I am Beautiful and Powerful.

When You think about Your Self,

Remember that You, too, are Beautiful and Powerful.

If You experience any anxiety or the like,

Regarding My well-being,

Remember that Your efforts to help Me are Beautiful,

Remember that even though You are

“Only One Person”,

You are a Powerful Person,

Whose efforts and Love have a huge effect

On Our future.

Never think of Your Self as small, insignificant or powerless;

As You are exactly the opposite!

Your Love and Respect for Me

 Can move Our experience of Life

Towards One that reflects only

Harmony, Peace and Abundance.

I rely on You to think correctly about Our future,

As Your thoughts are so Powerful.


Do not dwell on past mistakes

Or an apparent lack of caring in Others;

Your personal energies are most beneficial

When You focus on Love and Hope for Our future Together.


Sometimes People are very unforgiving of

Their Selves and of Each Other.

I encourage You to remember that mistakes

Are a part of Life here on Earth,

That You are always worthy of forgiveness.

And that Others are, too.

Do not become harsh with Humanity,

Do not give up Hope;

For it is Hope that will usher Us into a Better Place,

A more Harmonious Future.

I have so much Hope;

I will Never give up on

The Beautiful Souls of Humanity.

Remember, always, that each Individual is Powerful.

Remember that the World is filled only with Individuals.

As more and more Individuals choose 

To guide their behaviours harmoniously,

Then, collectively, as a People, 

You help move the World forward into a Better Experience of It Self.

Remember that the Best Way to

Encourage Others to act from Their Hearts

Is by providing an Example.

Truly, Your only task is to make 

Harmonious choices on an Individual level.


 By acknowledging the

Love, Hope and Power 

In Your Hearts,

By deciding to choose


Respectfully, Gratefully… 

By acting upon choices of this nature,

Then Humankind will manifest 

The Beautiful, Harmonious World

Your Hearts and My Heart desires.

This, I know for certain.

With Love and Honour,


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