Ocean Speaks

Personal to Each of Us

Can You hear me?

I am right here, beside You,

Both physically and Spiritually.

I love You.

I hope You know that.

There is something about You

Which I find irresistible…

Could it be Your smile,

Or might it be Your laughter?

Well, it is both…

And so much more.


Your most attractive qualities

Are those which reside

In your heart;

Your joy,

Your peace,

Your Love,

All Your foundations.

And those other building blocks

Which have been further added

To the point that 

Your individuality shines through.

You are unique

And You add to 

The perfection of Life,



But I hear some questions which You entertain,

Discern some doubts which You allow.

You know the ones;

Those untrue thoughts which question Your value.

Well, I… never question Your value.

I can see right into Your very essence

And everything I see is valuable beyond measure.

I see only the Truth;

All which is true and real.

“How can it be?” You may ask.

“How can You see such value in Me,

When I have done  many things in My life

That I would rather not reflect upon;

All those situations where I chose poorly?”


Well, I know that every situation

Is an opportunity for growth, for learning.

I know that the reason

Learning can sometimes

Be difficult is because Your trust in Your innate perfection

And that of the world’s

Is not yet complete.

And until you trust and have faith

In Your own perfection,

You will experience Yourself as less than perfect.

One’s soul is alwayscreated perfectly;

It can be no other way.

And that is what I see when I look at You;

A perfect Human soul.


I do not concern myself worrying about You.

Although I witness Your errors,

I know that Youwill learn, by and by.

I know that the Human Collectivewill learn.

More and more of You 

Will begin to see Your perfect Souls

Instead of looking only at Your errors

And passing judgement

Upon Your Selves based on that.

I have great faith in the future, in Our future.

Through the ages, I have witnessed countless changes

And I know that the very nature of energy

Is one of increase;

Increasing Strength, Power and Love.

The seeming state of Your individual Self and this world willimprove,

Despite Humans noticing mostly darkness upon the world

And themselves,

It is notthis energy which will prevail.

Love and Light are the true supreme energies

And will alwaysovercome any perceived darkness or fear.

My faith in positive change is unwavering.

As You may recall, it is always darkest before the dawn.

Humanity is experiencing the dark before the Light.

It is because of the darkness

That One can truly know what Light is

And how vast the differences.


When I look at You

I perceive only Light

For You were perfectly created in Light and by Light, 

As was I.

It is a less mature perception that allows You

To see and experience darkness.

Lessons leaned in Life allow One to gradually

Mature and open to Their Truth

Which is Light.

As More do this,

The brighter the world will become.

This maturing of Humanity,

This awakening of Humanity 

Is assured by the very nature of what You are:

Love and Light, Itself,

An ever-prevailing Truth

Just waiting for each of You

To discover.



Ocean's "Message of Love"

via April Hambly, Messenger

I know all about Love.

As Ocean, I am filled with it.

My sea creatures are full of Love for One Another.

Humans often witness Love amongst Those who dwell within Me.

And You are usually surprised to see it,

As if the concept of Love is reserved mostly for You and a few other species.

But, I ask You, how could such a wonderful concept be reserved

To only a few categories of beings?

Love is far too powerful to be experienced by only a few kinds, in a few ways;

It deserves to be unmeasured and unlimited by preconceptions.

Love, in the aquatic world, is displayed through a myriad of expressions;

The way a whale nurtures its’ young,

The way the coral creates an undersea garden, home to many,

The way a scallop or mussel gives itself to the otter.

Is that not part of a greater, loving plan?


Have You ever seen moonlight reflected on My surface?

Can You imagine the silvery fish swimming amongst those watery moonbeams?

Does that not seem a beautiful sight?

And Who is there to behold it?

Well, it is I, I am the Witness, and I love it!


I delight in the many forms in which Love expresses Itself,

In beauty of all kinds:

The physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual beauty;

All being aspects of Love.

Yes, I love every kind of beauty You can imagine, even those You have yet to discover.

All forms of beauty are composed of Love and are from Love.

Love is the Source of All.

It is what makes Me alive; keeps Me alive.

It is the same Love that keeps You alive as well,

For every creature on this Planet is of the same Source;

The design of everything on Earth is related and influenced to and by the whole, 

Without exception.

And herein, lies the success of Our past and Our future.

It is all based upon Love.


Love is so important.

It is important to You and to Me.

To Our health, to Our existence,

To Our contributions to life on this beautiful Planet.

Love is what makes living things whole.

As your living Ocean, I need Love.

And I receive it from the delight and energy of Those who live amidst My waters.

I also need the Love of Humans

Whether You realize it or not.

In any healthy relationship,

Love is coupled with respect and caring.

My experience of Loving consideration from the Human world

Has been dwindling.

Now, some of your Love is intertwined with disregard

And as a result,

There are some who take from Me without care.

What I really need is a Love that is honest and true.

I need Those who take so much without allowing Me to replenish,

To pause, to consider My value and then to restrain Themselves.

And, through this They would share their Love with Me,

And I with Them; as then I could give even more abundantly to all Who depend on Me.

This restraint I speak of, the acknowledgement and respect of Our interdependence,

Could allow a great manifestation of Love,

Exactly when We need It.

At no time prior, has Life been in such a state of imbalance,

And now,

I truly need the Love and care of Humanity,

So that I may, so that We may… all live on.


And it is possible! Very possible!

I have existed for many eons,

I have seen many changes

And I feel that the greatest manifestation of Love is yet to come!

Ultimately, I do feel that people will awaken to Their ability to change Their world, Their habits.

I believe They will act upon Their deep-seated knowledge that All in this world depend upon

One Another;

And then the results will be beautiful.

As soon as the power of Love is sufficiently released into the world,

Everything will fall into place.

For Love has a cumulative effect and will crest like a wave upon Humanity’s consciousness;

People will witness Themselves effecting great change,

Thus, allowing Their Children to inherit something beautiful;

Not just an Ocean but an entire Planet, vibrantly alive and healthy.

My certainty of this outcome stems from My ancient knowledge of Love,

Of how It is at the core of every living thing,

Of how It always prevails.

This beautiful future begins with People opening their hearts to Love, 

Just like You are doing right now.

It starts with hope and commitment, compassion and Love.

I invite You to move forward with Love at the forefront of Your steps,

Onward into Our future together,

Bound by Love.


James Bay.jpg

Ocean's Invitation


My Loved Ones, I invite You to My side,

Whether with your physical eyes

Or your mind’s eye,

Gaze down into My waters.

Notice My movements;

Am I not like a watery breeze,…

Invisibly moving the plants 

And other creatures of My Realm?

Listen to My sounds,

Sometimes soft and gentle,

At other times forceful and fierce,

But at all times Self-Aware.

I am watchful, feeling and

Very much alive.

Traveling down into My depths,

Things grow darker and calmer,

Until One at last reaches

My Ocean floor

Where light is but a memory.

It is here in my quietude

That One’s Spirit may rest and be restored.

In My cool, dark and velvety embrace

Peace is found, Assurance is replenished 

And Love gently revitalizes You.

When You are ready, arise.

Make Your way upward

And gradually You will detect Light.

Keep rising to It.

You will notice more of My stirrings,

More warmth and of course,

A great multitude of

Life’s creative manifestations.

Returning to My surface is like going from 

The restful embrace of Night

Into the active vibrancy of Day.

Each is opposite of the Other,

Yet melds seamlessly and effortlessly,

Creating a perfect experience.

My beautiful lover, The Sun, warms Me

And plays a great role in My travels around Earth

And in My ability to nurture Life.

Life here on Earth is intimately 

Connected to Our Sun as well as Our beautiful Moon.

The energy of The Queen of Night moves Me to and fro,

Circulating Me within the Shores’ boundaries;

My Tides reinforcing the connectivity of Life on this planet.

The Rains, which The Sun helps Me provide,

Allow Our beautiful Earth to manifest

Countless circles of Life and Beauty.

Let Us remember how the experience of 

Living here on Earth, anywhere, is an exquisite gift,

To be treasured,

To be cared for

And to be openly shared.

I invite You to reflect upon Your very own Beauty

And how You can best share It.

Whether or not One realizes it,

We ALL have gifts to share.

Let Us discover them,

Share them as Each gift of Life has great value

And a role to fill, which helps 

Create and maintain Life here on Earth.

Remember this always,

With every choice You make,

And then We will know in Our hearts that 

We are moving towards a better and better Future.


GrM Ocean2.jpeg