Jane's Love-Making Experiences

A strange and wonderful thing has entered my life – Love! I am experiencing being truly loved and cherished by another for the first time in my life. This wonderful love began in 2014 at the tender age of 56. 

When my husband and I make love, and then I bask in the afterglow of warmth and connection, I experience amazing realms. These experiences began as glimpses into another reality.  They have expanded to include more of my senses and, when I am in this state, my senses have begun to experience a “cross-over.”  That is, my sensations have colour, and images have a vibration. 

This incredible experience doesn’t occur every time we make love, and it is never exactly the same experience that occurs. Over time, I have come to make sense of some of what is happening.  

Sometimes I see his aura. He is aglow in a radiating light that emerges from his very being.  His eyes become vast pools into his soul and I feel and see our very essence combine into a golden cord. This cord courses through both of us then exits out the top of my skull. I become one with something beyond this world as we know it, and am enveloped in a feeling of love.

Other times it seems I am seeing the fabric of the universe. I see the threads that make up what we call our reality. Sometimes I can travel along a thread, such as the time thread. I may see us from a previous (or a future) existence. I have seen that we have known each other in previous incarnations. In some of these incarnations we were not human. I believe that he is my soul mate.  

These experiences have opened my eyes to the miracle of our collective world.  They are also opening my heart. The experience of knowing that I am truly loved and accepted and that I also truly love and accept him, feels very healing for me. I can feel my heart continuing to slowly open to myself, to him, and to the greater world. My compassion grows for myself and for others.  

I want to talk about my experiences of love to others because I believe that other couples and individuals must be experiencing deep connections. I want to learn more about these experiences. I also believe that this sense of profound connection and love could be achievable through other pursuits (besides sexual bliss); perhaps caring for a child, or creating art, for example.  I believe that by sharing our unique experiences of love with each other we will open our world to the possibility of even more love.  

If you would be willing to have me contact you to discuss your connections with love, then I would ask that you email me at e.jane.bradley@gmail.com. I promise: 1/ to keep your email address private and only use it for the purpose of correspondence with you; and 2/ to keep whatever we discuss confidential (unless I have your permission to share it with others.)  

Thank you for allowing me to share my experiences with you.  

Yours truly, 

Jane Bradley