Peter Brown is an initiated medicine man with many years of apprenticeship and pilgrimage to various sacred sites that have called him to do so. These sacred sites offer their medicine through Peter. 

Peter Brown

Peter Brown

The Nahuatl connection: Upon seeing Peter, the late don Lucio Campos Elizade exclaimed, “I have seen you in the clouds.  You have finally arrived and need to be crowned as a Granicero.” Peter was initiated as a Granicero (Weather Worker) in the Nahua tradition during a ceremony lead by don Lucio in 2001. This ‘marriage’ to the Weather Beings began a life-long relationship with weather, healing and sacred sites.

The Huichol connection: Peter has pilgrimaged to sacred sites within the Huichol homeland and beyond, and has apprenticed with a Huichol Marakame (shaman/singer) since 2003. After additional rigorous challenges, Peter was blessed by don Jose Sandoval and initiated as a Marakame at a ceremony on the shores of Santa Maria del Oro in Mexico’s Sierra Madre Mountains. This sacred doorway started him on the next cycle in this path - bringing his gifts into the world.

Peter’s work is part of the Huichol prophecy of bringing the ways and knowledge of the Huichol people to the world. Through their long relationship with their ceremonial life, the Huichol initiates bring forth strong medicine.

Peter’s next visit to victoria, bc:

saturday, June 22 & Sunday, june 23, 2019

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