I don’t remember a time where I have so profoundly experienced such surrender and opening of my heart, a falling away of pretence and ‘I-ness,’ into that sacred place where nothing remains, but an indistinguishable merging of Essence.”
— Michael, Austin, TX, USA
Your workshop was for me a major turning point in my awareness of life, of all that is living - “All My Relations.”
— Lyn, Florence, SC, USA
[Exploring the Core Basis of Prayer] was a gentle, profound experience.”
— Ginger, Nantucket, MA, USA
The class is about receiving the greatest gift one could ever be given, the Present Moment, beautifully naked, healing and available.”
— Amy, Grand Junction, CO, USA
Yesterday morning...my car broke down I had to take the train, and wait for 1.5 hours... My path led me to have a walk along a beautiful river, hidden amongst the trees... and then I arrived in a big field, wrapped with oak trees along the valley... and suddenly Grand-Father appeared, I know it’s almost a year since the praying workshop and my ability to ‘pray’ or ‘be with Nature’ was suddenly very present.
Since your workshop my life has been transformed in that sense, so I often experience my connection with Nature in a different way, but yesterday morning there was something of your essence in that experience. As if suddenly it was very clear that my ability to experience this field and just be with that particular landscape was a gift of ‘your spirit’, I knew at a very deep level that without your journey... your responding to the calling... I would not have been able to see what I saw yesterday.
And the reason why I share it with you today is because with this experience came a message, as if a voice was telling me to tell you the following:
Sherry... you are a great vessel that allows people who are ready (like me) to be transformed. Yes, it is Grand-Father, but actually it is also you, your life, your path, your sacrifice, your humility’, for maybe a few minutes I received this message, ‘Sherry... there are some people out there who need you’.

So again, thank you for who you are and whatever you gave me last year, it has transformed my life and has the power to transform the life of others.
— With much much love, Claire Hinton, England