Love is round offers Programs that help us HEAl OURSELVES AND OUR WORLd

Love is Round - Three simple words with profound implications!  These words provide a perspective on what is at the centre of universe design, global design and our design, and they provide a context for Love is Round programs.  

Love is Round offers prayer coaching, workshops and opportunities to receive direct guidance. These support healing from the illusion that we are separate, and reveal to us a new way of understanding and relating with ourself and with other human and non-human relationships. 

Love is round, plump and juicy  
round is our Earth, our Solar System,  our Universe
creation is round 
birth is round 
birth from soil, branch, or womb
all from spiral 
Everything is born of love 
love is joy 
centered in our hearts expanding out 
without limit
Love is divine 
equality, compassion
whole and complete
us, we, together
a new whole