Drum Journeys for health

Discover what is at the core of your dis-ease or lost-ness.           

Experience healing & overcome persistent emotional or physical health challenges.

Travel into your Self with the aid of a drum journey (also referred to a waking dream journey).  Our discussion reveals what it is you are ready to resolve with your health - probably something sticky and long term. My drum mimics your heart beat. My prayers call on support for you to be shown the understanding and the help you need. You 'journey' inward via your heart to retrieve information in response to the prayer we hold.              

Sessions are in-person and take approximately 1-1/2 hours. For a limited introductory time, the charge for these will be $60.

"I have experienced increasing forgetfulness. Sherry Morgan provided a safe and nurturing space for me to re-experience my childhood trauma, which the drum journey showed me was what I was trying to forget. I was given guidance on recommendations to help me heal from the emotional scars and resultant limitations to my self-expression, and I was provided a new future to live into."     ~ Dr. Autumn Drouin, N.D., New Orleans


"I am deeply grateful for the drum journey healing I experienced with Sherry Morgan.  Sherry’s prayerful heart is strong and bright and humble, and the drum journey she guided me through was simple and profound.  It allowed me to hear the deeper truth of my own heart and access healing that I longed for but didn’t know how to find."      ~     Shelly, Victoria, BC


"I have experienced much anxiety and difficult emotions from time to time in my life, and of late again. I did a drum journey with Sherry and was shown images that seem to relate to a past life. Her companion prayer messages following the drum journey were somewhat cryptic. BUT, subsequently I feel totally different. I feel joy, motivation and peace.”     Kor Boulton, Victoria, BC

Companion Prayers

Do you have an area of your life for which divine guidance could make a difference? When the going gets tough in our lives, sometimes personal advice isn't what we need. My gift is in helping you receive your own messages, your own direct guidance.

Sessions are typically one hour.  Offered for individuals by phone or in person, $85.

"I am in full gratitude for Sherry's gift of companion praying. Each time I have a session with her I experience an amplified connection to spirit & my intuition. These sessions have helped me gain clear and detailed insights that have helped to shift the direction of my life. I found the sessions empowering and uplifting and felt supported on my journey by this very unique and special gift that Sherry offers. I highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking greater guidance for their lives." ~ Gaianna Love, http://pureblissloving.com/, 2016

"The prayer supported by you and the fire is still very strong within me. You have my humble gratitude and deep respect for the way that you listened and received me. I learned a lot and felt so supported by you. Thank you again and again! Deep bows,  Lauraina, NC, 2017"


prayer Coaching

Coaching is often a part of the companion prayer process, but could also stand alone. Through these services, we can:

  • assist you with your prayer practice
  • boost your experience of connection with the sacred world
  • strengthen your relationship with your Self and others
  • support you in achieving your goals
  • help you overcome the hurdles present in your life

Offered by phone or in person, $85 per hour.


BONUS: Book 3 companion prayers and/or coaching sessions and receive the special price of $225. Ask about a discount if you need it.

For more information or to book an appointment, contact Sherry Morgan.