What good is spirit if not to offer guidance.

Companion Prayers

When the going gets tough in our lives, sometimes personal advice isn't what we need. We want to know we are connected and loved. We want to know that we are on track with our purpose and that there is divine guidance for our lives. My gift is in helping you to directly receive your own divine guidance.

Do you have an area of your life for which divine guidance could make a big difference? 

Offered by phone or in person, I will help you to receive the divine guidance you are seeking, whether in relation to any area 


guiding and Coaching

I am a certified professional coach and offer to assist you in person or by phone. Coaching is often a part of the companion prayer process, and it is over effective to combine these offers. Through these services, we can:

  • boost your experience of connection with the sacred world
  • strengthen your relationship with yourself and others
  • support you in achieving your goals
  • assist you with your prayer practice
  • help you overcome the hurdles present in your life

$75 / hour


Book 3 companion prayers and/or coaching sessions and receive the special price of $180.

For more information or to book an appointment, contact Sherry Morgan.